ESA Annual Meeting 2017 - Riga - Sunday 8  › Tuesday 10 October 2017

Social Programme

A minimum of 10 participants is required otherwise the tours will not take place.

Day 1: City Sightseeing Tour with Highlights

From 9:00 till 12:00

City Sightseeing Tour

You will have the chance to get acquainted with famous architectural monuments like the 13th century St. Peter's Church, St. George's Church, St. John's Church, part of the restored city wall and the medieval John's yard. The tour will take you to the heart of Old Riga – the Dome Square – where they will see the Dome Cathedral. Furthermore, the guests will be taken to see the medieval dwelling houses “Three Brothers”, “Laima” clock, the Freedom Monument and the Riga Castle.

Exclusive Latvian National Opera - Behind the Scenes Tour

Riga's White House — the Latvian National Opera was opened in 1923. A unique experience to see the Opera from behind the curtain.

Coffee stop and Chocolate tasting (30 min.)

Price per participant: 90€

Day 2: Art Nouveau Sightseeing Tour

From 9:00 till 12:00

Art Nouveau

Riga is one of the largest centres of the Art Nouveau, with more than a third of the buildings of its Central District built in the style. There are over 800 Art Nouveau buildings in Riga. Significantly, most of the Art Nouveau buildings were designed and built by Latvian architects. One of the city's most prolific Art Nouveau architects was Mikhail Eisenstein who is best known for his collection of buildings on Alberta Street that is famous for its unusual sculpture, coloured bricks and tiles, geometric ornaments and uniquely shaped windows. In short - Art Nouveau architecture is one of Riga's claims to fame, and rightly so.

During the tour the group visits the Art Nouveau museum, which will make you feel as if you were traveling through time. All rooms contain authentic Art Nouveau artefacts, so that you may very well imagine the life in this apartment as it used to be. The dining room is the most luxurious room in the apartment. The kitchen houses several innovations of that time - a fridge, a modern stove and a cast iron sink with a water faucet.

Price per participant: 60€

Day 3: Central Market Visit and Boat Tour

From 9:00 till 12:00

Central Market

The commercial heart of Riga – the Central Market – is glad to welcome you in its fairy-like kingdom. This is a place where you can haggle with the vendors, enjoy an extraordinary shopping experience, and the unique architecture. Although Riga Central Market is a crowded place, it is well worth visiting at least once. Rigans visit the market often and with pleasure, holding it in great affection and calling it the city's "belly" or "stomach". The market is also a historically unique part of Riga. On 2nd November 1930, when the Central Market first opened, it was the biggest and most modern in the world.

The main function of the Central market has not changed ever since the venue was opened - it is still the widest and the most popular shopping and trading place in Latvia. The market has the size of 5.7 acres and consists of five pavilions and public trading places.

Here, in the middle of all this fuss, you have the opportunity to not only experience the unique atmosphere, but also to taste some Latvian specialties, e.g., sauerkraut juice, pickles, honey, cheese, as well as different types of bread.

Steamship traffic was the oldest type of regular traffic in Riga and still there are footprints left from it in the canal of Riga – the wooden boats carrying passengers and entertaining the guests. The offered route involves the sights of the Old town as well as of the left bank of the river, thus letting you see the city from a different angle. It is the opportunity to view the bridges of Riga, the banks of the legendary Central Market and the picturesque architecture of the Old town. The boats are built to be ecological, convenient, safe and silent, thus letting you experience a really relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

Price per participant: 70€